PrepWash_1000Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd., the Preparation Room Specialists, announces Todd PrepWash, a new body wash with versatile applications in the funeral home embalming and dressing room.

Developed at the request of a funeral director for a ritual washing tool, the specialty product can service any need for washing or clean up. The Todd PrepWash is supplied with two hoses: a 12’ clear hose and an 8’ stainless steel hose with a soft spray head. The unit is compact, made of stainless steel and easy to clean. PrepWash is deck mounted and the hot and cold mixing faucets operated by hand.

In many situations, the religious practice of ritual cleansing takes place in the preparation room of the funeral home where water service is available. By installing PrepWash in the dressing room, a more suitable environment can be provided for those who are required to observe the ritual, and at the same time, keeping the preparation room available for its primary function.

The device is also adaptable to other uses and locations throughout the facility.

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