Conner-Bowman Funeral Home and Crematory

Having the largest and most modern facilities in Franklin County will allow us the flexibility to serve each family as if they were the only family we are serving at any given time. We offer the county’s first on-site crematory as well as the county’s largest chapel.

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Sunset Memorial Lawns Cemetery

We have a nice environment to work in now. We can stand in one place and move only minimally to access all of our equipment. Throughout the initial planning, our biggest concern was ventilation. The PrepAir HVAC System we installed has been a godsend and total life saver. We test and monitor formaldehyde levels and find that they have been reduced by 50%.

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Skinner Funeral Home

The bottom line is that the health and well-being of my employees is of the utmost importance to me.
A separate room where the embalmer can shower and change clothes helps move us into the 21st century. A godsend is the overhead lift that allows a body to be moved from the embalming table to dressing to casketing and protects the embalmer from injuries that often result from heavy lifting.

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Freedom Funeral Service

We like the space; we have room to open another station. The custom cabinetry provides lots of storage. And the PrepAir ventilating system creates a comfortable and safe atmosphere for our embalmer.

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