“As I, personally, have respiratory issues, I need a fresh clean room at all times. Now when I come out of the preparation room, I feel as good when I went in – no odors, no stuffy heavy air. It was the best money we ever spent.” -Kraig Pike Pike Funeral Home – Boyd Chapel […]

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“The air system is a wonderful addition to the embalming room with less fumes, strong chemicals and unpleasant odors that I once had to deal with.” -S. Alan Stone Licensed Funeral Director Bonaventure Funeral Home Savannah, GA 31404

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“The air system was our first priority, and it is excellent. We do not smell any odors – all of the airborne contaminants are exhausted and we feel that we are well protected. I love it.” -Calvin Scruggs Calvin B. Scruggs Funeral Home Baltimore, MD 21213

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“Why didn’t I do this years ago? Life is easier now; it’s the difference between daylight and dark.” -Mark Lewis Lewis & Ferguson Funeral Home Sandy Brook, KY 41171

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“The air is wonderful from an old exhaust fan to now. There is fresh air, no odors, and the temperature is always good.” -Mike Piper Piper Funeral Home St. Mary’s, KS 66536

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