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SACRAMENTO, CA — From an old, outdated, outmoded single-station preparation room, complete with its functional drawbacks, has emerged a modern, up-to-date two-station facility for Sunset Lawn, Chapel of the Chimes, in Sacramento.

“The transformation was accomplished,” says Donald Kellerhall, funeral home manager-director-embalmer, “by working with Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd., the preparation room specialists, with a goal of bringing the facility into full OSHA compliance. We have a nice environment to work in now,” he went on to say. “We can stand in one place and move only minimally to access all of our equipment.”

“Throughout the initial planning, our biggest concern was ventilation. The PrepAir HVAC System we installed has been a godsend and total life saver. We test and monitor formaldehyde levels and find that they have been reduced by 50%. With our previous equipment, the fumes came up right into the embalmer’s face. The PrepAir three levels of exhaust bring us way below OSHA requirements and keep the room comfortable at the same time.”

Other improvements to the operating room, as Mr. Kellerhall prefers to call it, include lighting, custom cabinetry with provisions for hidden laundry and bio-waste, water control units, morgue table receptors and sinks. A feature Mr. Kellerhall appreciates is the ability to activate water faucets by means of a knee pressure button on cabinet faces.

The Sunset Lawn facility is currently in the process of building a crematorium, working with T-Squared Architecture, DST, Ltd.’s sister company. T-Squared Architecture, based in San Francisco and Northern Nevada, is headed by Duncan Stuart Todd, A.I.A., and a nationally accredited architect.

Sunset Lawn, Chapel of the Chimes, was founded as a 12-acre cemetery in 1938, having originally been named Grant Memorial Lawn. In 1959, the name was changed to Sunset Lawn Memorial Park. A part of the Lifemark Group of cemeteries, mausoleums, columbaria and funeral homes, it operates as a full-service facility on 94 acres in northern Sacramento and is the largest dedicated cemetery in the Sacramento region.

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