Spray Hose Attachment — DST 435


Accessorize your water control unit with the spray hose attachment. The unit comes complete with stainless steel braided hose, spray valve, insulated handle, adaptors and coupler plugs. It can quickly be attached to your water control unit.

A Duncan Stuart Todd Assembly

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Easy to Operate

Compact, easy to clean stainless steel body with chrome fittings.
Integral back flush.

Enhanced Safety

Drains directly into the building water system reducing exposure to hazardous toxins

Quick Installation

Measures 7” x 5” x 7”.
Includes 12’ detachable clear hose, quick disconnect, and braided stainless steel supply hose.

Product Sheet


Cold Water Line
3/4″ flex hose (included)

Designed for countertop mounting
Mounting hardware, template and instructions included

Auxiliary Requirements for Proper Operation
Continuously operating water pressure of 65 to 85 psi
Installation of a Volume Pressure Control System DST 302 is recommended to achieve req’d PSI

Auxiliary Requirements for Code Compliance
Reduced pressure backflow preventers required on cold water supply
Clean out all plumbing lines prior to start up

Technical Information

7″ x 5″ x 7″

5 lbs

16 guage stainless steel

12′ clear hose
1 quick disconnect

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