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LUBBOCK, TX — Santos Moreno had a vision of how he wished to serve families in his community when he planned and built a new funeral facility in Lubbock.


That vision is captured in the name Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers. Believing that the future of funeral service is in personalized tributes, he has created an environment where families have an opportunity to visit, plan and design memorials appropriate to their loved ones.

His mission to serve embraced a concern for the needs of his employees. With a goal of providing staff with a safe, eficient and comfortable work environment, he called on Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd., the preparation room specialists.

Although he had engaged the services of a building architect, Mr. Moreno recognized the added value of having a preparation room specialist on his project team. With a full understanding of the architecture of the space, work flow of the embalmers and OSHA mandated standards, DST set about to create a twenty-first century preparation room.

From the documents provided by the lead architect, DST was able to re-configure the allocated space to include not only the new prep room but a complete separate dressing room area as well. In addition, work flow was improved as was the layout of the room equipment.

Included in the specifications was the all important provision for a safe ventilating system. After the Todd’s exclusive PrepAir system was installed, Mr. Moreno found it so quiet that he wondered whether it was working. DST quickly re- plied with a smile, “Welcome to the new world.”

“The level of care we have provided for our embalmers well-being,” Mr. Moreno states, “says ‘I support you because I respect you’.”

He goes on to comment, “Our preparation room is perfect for a perfectionist like me. There is a place for everything and it is so convenient. We protect it and keep the room spotless.”

The two-station room is outfitted with all the latest equipment needed, such as Todd water control units and morgue table receptors, embalming machines and tables. It is enhanced with a full range of safety equipment, including eye wash, drench shower and drench hose. All clean up stations are hands-free operation and supply pre-tempered water. Directly off the preparation room is a private toilet room for the embalmers. Generous supply closet space is also provided. Custom cabinets and wall protection products complete the room.

The load-in from the garage goes directly into a holding room designed by DST for conversion to a future dressing room. Directly accessible from the holding/dressing room is a walk-in body cooler especially designed into the space.

When families ask to see the embalming room, Mr. Moreno is proud to show it. His experience is that when families see the attention given to the welfare of his employees, they have confidence in entrusting their loved ones into his care.

Throughout the construction, Mr. Moreno found the Todds resourceful and helpful, working well with the architect on the project. The construction coordination was smooth as Duncan Todd is a nationally accredited A.I.A. architect with more than 25 years’ experience.

Santos Moreno, owner and general manager of Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers, 6025 82nd Street, Lubbock, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer.

After nearly 17 years experience with Rix Funeral Directors and Franklin Bartley Funeral Home in Lubbock, Mr. Moreno established his own company in order to follow his dream. His wife, Hillary Hart Moreno, a registered nurse, is a memorial designer and aftercare coordinator. Associated with them is Lee Ann Malone, also a memorial designer and embalmer.

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