For a New or Updated Prep Room

We developed our Premier Source plan to help funeral directors by taking the guess work out of building or updating prep rooms. We design the room within the context of the entire facility and supply the necessary equipment: ventilating systems, foot-end products such as water control units and morgue table receptors, custom cabinetry, safety plumbing products and custom accessories. We even help with interior design, wall treatment, medical flooring and paint. Not only that, we also provide consultation and coordination with trades during the construction process.

This one-stop shopping service covers all the bases so that you can focus on serving your families and running your business, confident that your prep room will be state-of-the-art, OSHA compliant, efficient, comfortable and a business asset.

All the details of Premier Source can be found on this website. Click on the PREPARATION ROOM PACKAGE link at the top of this page.

Call us and put us on your team. We will tailor the plan to your needs.

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