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WHITEVILLE, NC – When you take a small preparation room in a 47 year old funeral home and make it even smaller, can you end up with more?


That is exactly what Peacock Funeral Home in Whiteville, NC, accomplished with the help of Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd., the Preparation Room Specialists. Spearheading the project was Craig Peacock, a third-generation funeral director.

When first consulting DST, Craig Peacock outlined his goals: bring the preparation room ventilation system up to modern day standards, utilize existing plumbing, update the interior, and with any luck, gain some storage space.

The challenge is a structure built in 1964, an existing 22 ft. by 12 ft. embalming room with concrete slab floor, concrete block walls and flat roof above.

The work began by removing everything from the existing space, ripping out tile, floors, walls and ceiling and surprisingly, shortening the room by 4 feet.

Addressing the imperative of goal number one, a some what tricky installation issue was solved by locating the OSHA compliant PrepAir HVAC system in an adjacent furnace room and running the duct work across the ceiling of an enclosed car port. In addition, a new wall was erected to house the foot end exhaust portion of the HVAC system.

Air quality was further enhanced by the installation of PrepArm, a DST solution for LEV (localized exhaust ventilation), above the operating table.

Addressing goal number two, a layout plan for cabinets and sinks largely utilized existing plumbing lines, thus minimizing the amount of overall plumbing revision required–a savings in construction time and dollars. Access to required plumbing lines was gained from the wall constructed in the ventilation process.

By resurfacing walls, floor and ceiling, new sanitary coverings were used to update the interior. New cabinetry provides space for instruments and supplies, clean up hand sinks, and eyewash safety devices. Goal number three, accomplished.

The hoped for “luck” arrived to meet goal number four when construction of the new wall in the ventilating installation opened up additional space for storage. This total project resulted in savings and benefits for the Peacock family in a number of ways: they were able to use a smaller ventilating unit than anticipated by reducing the cubic volume of air; they gained an increase in the number of air changes; they reduced annual energy costs; they met a National Funeral Directors Association recommendation for LEV; and by improving wall and floor surface sanitation, they reduced janitorial time and expense. Plus, they gained the desired storage space. “The renovation has made my work a lot easier. Everything is in its place,” says Craig Peacock. “DST was very good to work with.”

Peacock Funeral Home was founded in 1938 by A.D. Peacock, and later owned and operated by his son, Don Peacock, father of the current owner operators, Craig Peacock, Kyle Peacock, and their mother, Peggy Peacock. When Don Peacock, became ill, his wife, Peggy, stepped in to take over. As the sons completed their education, they joined their mother in the family business.

Craig Peacock graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology followed by a degree in funeral service with valedictory honors from John A. Gupton Mortuary College. Kyle Peacock is a graduate of Sandhills College and Fayetteville Tech Community College with a degree in funeral service, and is an insurance agent and real estate broker. He is also a member and past president of Lake Waccamaw Lions Club.

President and CEO of the family business, Peggy Peacock is a North Carolina Funeral Directors licensee, pre need licensee with over 40 years experience. Completing the family involvement is Marie Peacock, office manager, who is currently enrolled in Funeral Service-FTCC and is a licensed cosmetologist and real estate broker.

Peacock Funeral Home serves a community of 55,000 from Whiteville, NC, the county seat of Columbus. They are located at 1227 South Madison Street. Telephone 910 642 4141. The website is

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