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CUMBERLAND, WI — When funeral director Bob Skinner looked around at his facility, he made a decision quite in keeping with his philosophy. “The bottom line,” he said, “is that the health and well being of my employees is of the utmost importance to me.” With that thought in mind, he called on the preparation room specialists, Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd.

Handling his caseload out of an embalming room that was only about 10 feet square, Mr. Skinner knew it was time to renovate. In a space that was basically constructed from an existing 2-car garage area, DST succeeded in designing a two-station preparation room that was compliant with OSHA standards.

Speaking of the benefits ofthe renovation, the funeral home owner commented that the PrepAir ventilation system supplied by DST, Ltd. was a big factor in the success of the project, providing clean air in an economically efficient manner. “As well, a separate room where the embalmer can shower and change clothes,” he stated, “helps move us into the 21stcentury.” “A godsend,” he further elaborates, “is the overhead lift that allows a body to be moved from the embalming table to dressing to casketing and protects the embalmer from injuries that often result from heavy lifting.”

Another feature of the facility that the Skinner embalmers appreciate is the custom cabinetry designed by the DST preparation room specialists. Instrument drawers, adjustable storage cabinets, and stain/moisture proof countertops make it possible to maintain an organized work area that promotes efficiency and provides the ergonomic benefit of having equipment right at hand. Mr. Skinner, who has a funeral home in Cumberland, WI, is mayor of the community of 2,220. He also has a funeral home in Turtle Lake, WI served by the new preparation room. When you are in Cumberland, or at an NFDA exposition, you might call on the mayor. He’ll be happy to talk with you.

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