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CLAREMORE, OK — In 1984 Jim Smith thought he had all the building he would ever need. After all, he and his wife, Cindy, owners of Musgrove-Merriott-Smith Funeral Service and Crematory, had just completed renovating their facility which had undergone several remodels since it was established in 1911.


Yet in 2008, the family expanded their operation, adding 3,500-square-feet to their funeral home including a new preparation room, dressing room, hair dressing area, two offices and a break room.

In searching for the most qualified company to plan the embalming room, Mr. Smith commented that the only name he ever heard was Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd. Added to that, an inspector with the Oklahoma state board told him that if DST did it, it would be done right.

And right it was. “We are very pleased,” he says “and it is serving us well.”

The OSHA compliant PrepAir ventilating system, exclusive with DST, gives him great peace of mind. “It would break my heart if one of my staff were to develop cancer from formaldehyde fumes. With PrepAir, there is no question about it, we don’t have to worry.” he goes on to say.

The room is well outfitted following the guidelines of DST’s Premier Source design package which includes interior architectural planning combined with OSHA compliant products. The twenty-first century room is equipped with custom cabinetry, Todd morgue table receptors, water control units and a range of safety guards. On DST’s recommendation, Mr. Smith installed seamless flooring that extends six inches up the wall. Floor drains are also built in as required by code. Mr. Smith was conscientious about back siphonage and all water lines are protected with backflow preventers.

The adjustable height Ferno table is a big hit with the embalmers, making the workplace more comfortable. A flat screen TV in the room is an added benefit in case of weather alerts or other local emergencies.

The facility also includes showers, a three-body refrigerator and washer/dryer. The preparation room, equipped with a combination lock, is secured to all but authorized personnel.

Musgrove-Merriott-Smith serves their county of 100,000 residents. In addition to the Claremore facility, the company owns Chelsea Funeral Home in Chelsea and Inola Funeral Home in Inola where they have a private crematory. All buildings have a unified appearance with red brick, white trim and dormer windows. Their staff includes five licensed funeral directors and embalmers.

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