Breathing RoomThe Todds, J. Stuart and Duncan Stuart, have been providing Breathing Room for funeral homes since 1993 when J. Stuart Todd, in association with colleagues, developed the first ventilating system designed specifically to meet OSHA standards for formaldehyde extraction in embalming rooms.

At that time, the elder Todd traveled the country exhibiting at state and national association conventions with a model preparation room outfitted with the new ventilating system, PrepAir.
Many funeral directors still tell us about their remembrances of those days.

Duncan and Marjori Todd assumed the business in 1999 and have since stewarded the companyʼs reputation. They solidified their commitment to safety with the 2009 introduction of PrepArm. PrepArm complements PrepAir by extracting noxious fumes from a localized area. And the product has brought DST to the finals in the current NFDA Innovation Awards competition.

Now comes the latest in their mission to maintain, improve and deliver safe air to preparation rooms in funeral homes.

“Itʼs All about Air”, is a filtration program that further cleans air that enters and leaves the general airstream of the prep room. A housing unit, manufactured to hold sets of filters, is installed in the PrepAir system duct work. The carbon bed or pleated carbon filters extract odors and chemicals that would otherwise be expelled to the outdoor area. This extra attention to the surrounding neighborhood credits the funeral director with contributing to a greener environment and shows concern for the community.

Details are available from DST by calling toll free 877 832 6898.


2010 NFDA Innovation Award Vote Now!DST wants to be the American Idol of the Funeral Industry. You can help. Indeed, we canʼt win without your help.

DST is among 5 worthy finalists for the NFDA Innovations Award competition for the introduction of PrepArm, a ventilating product for localized air exhaustion.

Voting is on-line only at nfdabizexchange.org and is open until September 17. Learn about PrepArm by reading the entry on the NFDA site. Anyone is eligible to vote, especially funeral directors and staff. Visit our home page, www.dstlimited.com for a preview. You can also vote from our home page by clicking on the fine print at the bottom right of the screen.


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Stop by Booth 941 and weʼll give you a certificate for $1,000 off the Premier Source design fee for a DST prep room.

Call us, 877 832 6898, for a $250 show discount if you canʼt make the trip.


Our Lily

Lily wandered away from her mentor, Benjamin Franklin, for this issue of DST EXTRA. She liked what Lillian Russell, the buxom beauty of the Gay Nineties musical theater, had to say:

“Let the clean air blow the cobwebs from your mind. Air is medicine.”

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