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BEDFORD,IN— Brian Pace, President, and the Day & Carter Mortuary organization have completed the first phase of the funeral home’s 125th Anniversary celebration with the construction of a new preparation room and dressing room by Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd. With the preparation room now in operation, remodeling continues in other parts of the mansion in anticipation of a community event in the fall.

The old preparation room in the funeral home had been in use since 1937 on the second floor of the facility and was accessed by elevator. In researching plans to modernize, Pace was intrigued by a suggestion that they reverse the existing layout, moving the embalming room to the first floor and offices to the upstairs. The result was that the reallocation of funds from elevator improvements made a brand new prep room feasible and logistics more efficient. That accomplished, direct entry to the prep room is now made through double doors from the outside, a major benefit for all concerned.

Speaking of the new preparation room, Pace said, “The PrepAir ventilation system is phenomenal in its ability to control the temperature,” and added “I’m glad we opted for the PrepArm LEV exhaust system which is incredible. Staff thinks they have died and gone to heaven.” “Everything is organized with good work flow and lighting.” The dressing room is a convenient area where people can come for identification. The dressing room is equipped with a Todd MTR 5000 and a Todd PrepWash which “the hairdressers love,” Pace commented.

“It was a pleasant experience working with DST. We couldn’t have done it without them,” Pace declared. “They took care of everything, from the design to the equipment to the interiors. We’ll put our design up against anyone. It truly sets us apart.”

In what might be considered an unusual event, and in a desire to make their operation transparent, Day & Carter hosted an open house in May for the local Chamber of Commerce which became the talk of the town. The entire facility, including the new preparation room, was open to the 125 attendees to tour at their leisure. Most of the guests had never been in a preparation room and found it reassuring. Visitors said that it took the mystery out of the experience and that the room was like a surgical suite or a doctor’s office.

Sadly, the brother of the general contractor died during construction. With Day & Carter holding funeral services, two families served each other – each in their own way.

All members of Day & Carter Mortuary are active in a hands-on capacity with civic work in their Bedford community. Joining the staff as a new funeral director and intern is son, David Pace, who recently received his Bachelor of Science in Mortuary Science as a follow up to an associate degree in business administration.

With the preparation room in full functioning mode and further remodeling of the funeral home in progress, Day & Carter look forward to a grand 125th Anniversary open house in the fall. Their
long and impressive history can be found at For additional information call 812-275-3389, or email

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