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METUCHEN, NJ — Joseph V. Costello, III, better known as Jay, and his wife, Suzanne, continued a family tradition in funeral service when they purchased the Runyon Mortuary in Metuchen, NJ in 1992, renaming it Costello-Runyon Funeral Home.

Mr. Costello had worked with his father, Joseph V. Costello, Jr., after his graduation in 1983.

After a major renovation that doubled the size of the facility, Mr. Jay Costello decided to build a new preparation room. He called on Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd., the Preparation Room Specialists, to design and equip the room to OSHA standards. Two rooms in the structure were gutted to create a functional, efficient and safe work environment.

Citing his satisfaction with the new embalming room, Mr. Costello is particularly pleased with the PrepAir heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. The epoxy floor is also an appreciated benefit. “Everything,” he says, “is convenient and we don’t have to work around things.”

The Costellos are active in their community. In 2008, Mr. Costello was knighted by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher, and is a silver life member of the Policemen’s Benevolent Association of New Jersey. He is a past president of the Metuchen Rotary Club and the Metuchen-Edison YMCA. Mrs. Costello is on the board of directors of the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce.

Although their home town has a population of 15,000, the Costello family serves approximately 150,000 in the surrounding area.

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