Duncan Stuart Todd A legacy of Service

A Legacy of Service

When noted architect J. Stuart Todd, a pioneer in the field of funeral home architecture, decided to retire in 1990 from the firm he founded years earlier, he could have easily just sat back and enjoyed his post-retirement years. But that’s not who J. Stuart […]

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Design Roundtable

Design Roundtable Karasch: Develop a ‘wants and needs’ list to initially discuss with your designer. Create a list of questions to ask them and ask how using their services would benefit the funeral director. Killingsworth: I always ask the client if they have drawings and […]

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Prep Room Worth

The Worth of the Prep Room

The Worth of the Prep Room…Could it be $50,000 – $100,000 annually? By Duncan Stuart Todd Over the years, the embalming room in a funeral home has gone through many transitions in terms of its perceived value to the business and its place in the […]

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Architecture and Design Q&A

by Patti Martin Bartsche American Funeral Director • November 2013 When was the last time you looked – really looked – at your funeral home? An up close-and-personal look may reveal some hard truths – outdated furniture, peeling wallpaper, a space that screams, “I’m a funeral […]

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10 Tips for a Perfect Prep Room

American Funeral Director • July 2013 In order to be at the top of your game, having a prep room that’s in excellent shape is key. Duncan Todd, president of Duncan Stuart Todd in Boulder, Colo., offers some helpful pointers for making your prep room perfect. 1. […]

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Architecture & Design Roundtable

Architecture & Design Roundtable By Patti Martin Bartsche It’s not just the times that are a-changin’. Funeral home design is under- going a transformation of its own, led in large part by the demands and desires of families. To understand what is going on, we […]

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OSHA Compliance

by Gary Finch Funeral Home and Cemetary News, May 2011 In November of 2009, the Journal of National Cancer Institute released a long awaited study examining the link between formaldehyde exposure and specific cancers. National Cancer Institute (NCI) researchers observed an association between embalming and […]

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