BALTIMORE, MD — The Calvin B. Scruggs Funeral Home honored its founder, the late Calvin B. Scruggs, Sr., during a reception on January 29, 2006 in celebration of its newly renovated facility at 1412 East Preston Street in Baltimore.

“Our open house marked the fulfillment of a dream,” said Calvin B. Scruggs, Jr. “It was always my father’s vision to expand our funeral home. My mother, Bernadine, who is a funeral service licensee and co-owner with me, and I committed ourselves to seeing that his dream was realized.”

“My father began the business in 1967 in one small row house and the family lived above it,” he said. “Dad gradually began to acquire adjoining structures and eventually we owned the seven houses which have now been transformed into our new facility.”

The Open House, which attracted 1,000 guests, was marked by a blessing of the building and dedication of the Calvin B. Scruggs, Sr. Memorial Chapel by Pastor Calvin Keene of Memorial Baptist Church.

Architects Rubeling and Associates, Inc., of Baltimore designed the project, which encompasses the commemorative chapel seating two hundred. The total space includes two large viewing rooms, and a selection room that also serves as a conference area.

Of particular importance to the Scruggs family was the design of the preparation room for which they engaged the specialized services of Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd.

The senior Scruggs had passed away in 1999 of leukemia and the family was always of the opinion that his health was adversely affected by conditions prevalent in the preparation room.

The completely new two- station prep room, designed by DST, Ltd. is equipped with an OSHA compliant PrepAir state-of-the-art ventilating system. “The air system was our first priority,” said Mr. Scruggs, “and it is excellent. We do not smell any odors–all of the airborne contaminants are exhausted and we feel that we are well protected. I love it. The new equipment and technology provided by the Todd’s put the final touches on our facility.”

Musing on his profession, Calvin Scruggs commented that in funeral service, he loves putting a smile on family faces because “he then knows that he was a help in making this time much more comforting.”

Before becoming a licensed mortician, Calvin Scruggs earned a business degree from Quincy University in Quincy, IL.

Mr. Scruggs also has sports in his blood. A high school and college athlete, he coached high school basketball in Baltimore for nine years. Coaching is a love he hopes to resume at some point in the future.

The Calvin B. Scruggs Funeral Home is located in East Baltimore in the heart of the John Hopkins revitalization area.

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