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Duncan Stuart Todd Celebrates 25 Years of Service

25 Year Anniversary

In 1991, a unique concept was put into practice: provide funeral directors with a one-stop service that would deliver a safe, functional and up-to-date care center. Today funeral homes all across the United States and Canada consider their Duncan Stuart Todd, Ltd., Premier Source preparation room an asset to their business.

In observance of our silver anniversary, DST is offering a 25% discount on 25 of our most popular products, including ventilation and foot-end equipment.

Join in our celebration by shopping our silver anniversary sale at

Welcome to Michael Butler

Michael Butler Joins DST as Office Manager

Michael Butler has joined DST as office manager. A native of Colorado, Michael has degrees from New York University and the University of Oregon. "I am excited to join the DST team in this wholly unique field of working with those who serve the death care profession," he says.

When not providing support to the DST organization, he can be found onstage in the Longmont (CO) theater scene and online where he freelances as a pop culture writer.

New Automatic Towel Dispenser, New Sinks

New Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser by DST

An electronic, sensor-activated towel dispenser has been added to the Premier Source package. Each dispenser comes with a case of 6 paper towel rolls, and motion sensor activation to eliminate cross-contamination between preparation room fixtures. Available as an accessory in existing rooms.

Three new sinks are available with features designed to improve ease of operation, efficiency, and safety in the embalming room environment.

Hand Sinks are equipped with an electronic, sensor-activated faucet and soap dispenser, a feature that makes them easy to use. A Hand Sink with Integral Eye Wash is now enhanced with the addition of an electronic sensor-activated soap dispenser.

A wall-mounted Janitor Sink features a 13" deep, 18-gallon tub made of Durastone® fiberglass, resin, and stone composite for extra strength and durability.

Stainless Steel Maintenance Guidelines

Have you noticed pitting or streaking in your sinks or other stainless steel products? Have a peek at our guidelines for care and maintenance. A red flag goes up when bleach is used, especially when not thoroughly rinsed. Take a look at our Stainless Steel Maintenance Guidelines to keep your products in tip-top shape.

Worth of the Prep Room

A twenty-first century preparation room gives added value to your facility. Read this article, The Worth of Your Prep Room, by Duncan Stuart Todd to learn more.